Business Formation

BBVI can assist in forming any type of corporate entity in the USVI as well as in any other U.S. jurisdictions. BBVI’s services include preparing and filing all necessary formation or incorporation documents; drafting corporate documents, bylaws and minutes, resident agent services for one year, as well as liaising with the Internal Revenue Service to obtain an employer identification number where necessary.

Business Licenses

BBVI can provide guidance as to which licenses are required for a client’s business entity and can undertake the initial licensing process as well as ongoing renewals. BBVI has extensive experience and has a well-developed working relationship with the Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs.

Trade Names

Also known as “Doing Business As” (DBA) or a fictitious name. BBVI can advise you when and if a trade name is necessary for your business. BBVI can search and register trade names for companies or individuals and notify you on an ongoing basis as to renewal deadlines and fees.

Resident Agent

Virgin Islands law requires all companies conducting business in the territory to have a local resident agent listed on file with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, Division of Corporations and Trademarks. The resident agent is a company’s designated representative regarding compliance filings and to accept service of process on behalf of the company. For a flat annual fee, BBVI is a safe and reliable option for resident agent services.

Additonal Services

Foreign Entities

In addition to forming USVI companies, BBVI can assist foreign companies who wish to register or qualify to conduct business in the USVI as well as register your USVI entity in another state. BBVI has registered numerous different types of corporate entities in the USVI and can help you avoid potential pitfalls in this process. BBVI also has a network of international companies to help facilitate the formation of companies around the world.


Should it become necessary to change the name of your entity or some other structure, for instance the number of shares authorized or the governance of the company (member-managed versus manager-managed) BBVI can prepare and file the necessary documents to accomplish the needs of your company.


BBVI can assist in obtaining certificates and other recorded corporate documents from USVI government agencies. If obtaining a certificate is delayed due to non-compliance issues, BBVI can assist your company in meeting its obligation and rectifying these situations.

Annual Reports

Annual reports and franchise taxes are due to the Lieutenant Governor’s Office on the 30th of June every year for every USVI company or foreign company registered in the USVI. It is important to meet these filing obligations to keep a company in good standing with the USVI government. Annual report services include preparing and filing the necessary forms, calculating franchise tax owed and maintaining records of filings.

Annual Minutes

BBVI specializes in assisting clients with corporate governance matters including the drafting of corporate minutes, resolutions, and consents to meet compliance needs or the corporate needs of the company. BBVI also maintains careful records of all the company’s corporate documents and assists in maintaining proper corporate books.


For whatever reason you are closing your business, it is important that your company is properly dissolved. BBVI can dissolve any company and can assist in resolving any corporate or tax obligations that could delay or derail the dissolution of an entity. BBVI will take all the necessary steps to ensure the company is properly terminated and eliminate the risk of leaving you and your company liable for future judgments or overlooked government fees and penalties.

Non Profits

BBVI can incorporate a non-profit company and organization. BBVI also offers services obtaining tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service and can assist in understanding your filing obligations to maintain that exempt status.


A trademark is a unique mark or brand that is associated with particular goods and/or services. Establishing a trademarked brand can give your business the competitive edge that it needs to succeed in today’s economy. BBVI can assist with searching and applying for trademarks through the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Name Reservation

The first step in setting up any company is choosing a unique name that is distinct from any existing company. BBVI can assist in checking the name for availability and reserve the name if necessary.

EDC Supplier

The Economic Development Commission (EDC) requires that any companies receiving tax benefits under the EDC program, must advertise twice a year for any goods and services that they require. The EDC publishes a list of recommended vendors or “eligible suppliers” and encourage the EDC beneficiaries to use this list of eligible suppliers when looking to purchase goods or services. BBVI can assist local businesses in becoming an EDC eligible supplier.

UCC Search & Filing

BBVI can prepare, file and search for UCC statements filed in the USVI or any other U.S. jurisdiction.


BBVI offers flat fees for services when possible. All other fees will be based upon the time that is devoted to the matter. Contact us now for a quote.